Senior Full-stack Engineer

  • Research & Development
  • Ramat Gan, Israel

Senior Full-stack Engineer

Job description

Trustdome is an exciting, VC backed, new cyber-security startup, looking for an experienced Full stack engineer with a proven track record and proficiency in building server-side and Client-side systems.

The position would entail building the product’s backend based on micro-services architecture, on top of Docker & Kubernetes and building the product’s complex user interface requirements based on React  - including its dashboards, reporting, etc, as well as internal in-house applications down the line. 


  • Participate in building the product’s complex backend components
  • Design the backend APIs for client-side consumption
  • Participate in building a DSL for rapid third-party integrations
  • Build & own the product’s complex user interfaces:
    • Dashboards
    • User interface for building dynamic reports
    • Graphs & charts
    • Complex UI
  • Potentially building a framework to allow rapid addition of new screens

Job requirements



  • Deep Knowledge & Experience in Java
  • Vast Experience building web user interfaces
  • Deep knowledge in HTML5, CSS3 & JS 
    • TypeScript and ECMAScript 6+ knowledge
  • Experience building complex user interfaces with React
  • Proficiency with concurrency & parallelism
  • Docker
  • Experience with cloud providers


  • Kubernetes
  • Experience with API design
  • Experience with NoSQL databases
  • Experience with Big Data database & methodologies
  • Experience optimizing size & performance of code using React
  • Experience using graph frameworks such as D3, Chart.js, etc
  • Experience building frameworks for easily creating new screens – advantage
  • Working with JWT - advantage